0700c22I am a software engineer currently living in Ames, Iowa.  I graduated from Bemidji State University in 2009 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.  I’ve been working from home since August 2014.

I am a huge fan of the .NET framework and spend most of my time fooling around in the ASP.NET stack including MVC, Web API, and, of course, SignalR.  I’m also spending a lot of my time in front-end web development using AngularJS.

When I’m not programming stuff, I can be found playing video games, watching random YouTube videos, and hanging out with my cats.



There are a few awesome people who really influenced me and helped me become the programmer I am today:

Jay DeBoer (@jaydeboermn) taught me that it is okay to fail sometimes.  He pushes me to do my best and justify the work that I’m doing so that I can produce the highest quality work.

Ted Neward  (@tedneward) blew my mind at Visual Studio Live! in Orlando, FL in 2012 with a talk on JavaScript.  Before that, I had never paid much attention to web development and I had written off JavaScript as a necessary evil.

Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) helped me be successful working remotely, inspired me to be confident talking in front of large groups (with humor!), and encouraged me to finally start this blog.

John Papa (@john_papa) continues to provide the most up to date information on building responsive, single page web applications.  From KnockoutJS to AngularJS, I’ve learned tons from him.